Become a Homeowner

If you are interested in learning about home ownership, or to see if you qualify, we highly recommend you fill out this form beforehand: HFH-GTR Pre Application


SUSTAINABLE FAMILIES: According to a study recently published by Habitat International, the children of Habitat homeowners are less stressed and perform better in school than similar families in rental housing. They have better social skills and are more likely to attend college. At Habitat, we are investing in the future of families and our community by creating a stable and sustainable environment for homeowners and their children.

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As a nonprofit, ecumenical Christian housing ministry, Habitat for Humanity-Grand Traverse Region works in partnership with people in need to improve the conditions in which they live. Habitat challenges people of compassion to provide the initial capital through gifts and no-interest loans to build or renovate simple, decent homes for the inadequately sheltered. Houses are sold at no profit, with no- interest mortgages repaid over a 15-30 year period. The house payments received by Habitat, are recycled to build more houses through a local Fund for Humanity.

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