a home of our own

A campaign to support habitat in reaching more families in need.

Our Goals

• Consolidate operations into one location
• Reduce overall operating costs by over 20%
• Eliminate on-going office & storage rental costs
• Create a healthier more sustainable affiliate
• Serve more families annually with housing solutions

Broghamer family Ribbon Cutting

Our Strategy

Move our administrative operations to the new ReStore location, a property we have already purchased with room for future expansions.

We need your help to raise $550,000 by the end of the year.

step one


Through a low-interest USDA loan, we purchased a commercial location containing a building with more square footage for the ReStore. This parcel has room for future expansions to the ReStore, as well as room to expand the building for the relocation of administration operations.

step two


Move the ReStore from rented space on Woodmere to a more open location in our permanent building on Rice Street.

  • Grand Opening in August 2019
  • ReStore donations increased by 20%
  • ReStore revenues by more than 20%

step three


Expand the ReStore location to accommodate administrative offices and build an additional storage facility to unite all operations on the same property in 2020.

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Serve more families in need of safe and affordable housing
Smith Build
Tincknell signing
Depot Kids
Weighman plans

make your gift a lasting memory

For the A Home of Our Own Capital Campaign commemorative naming opportunities are available for interested donors. We would like the opportunity to acknowledge your major gift at one of these giving levels. You may also choose to honor family or friends or create a lasting memorial through naming rights.

Naming Opportunity Gift Amount
Administrative & Executive Office $50,000
Storage Facility $50,000
Conference & Volunteer Training Center $25,000
Mission Wall $15,000
Donation Drop-Off Bay $10,000
ReStore Box Truck $5,000

Please direct all inquiries to: Sue Cronover, Resource Development Manager, 231-941-4663, ext. 134

TOGETHER, we can change lives FOREVER!