Donate Materials and Services

Do you or your company have new, unused building materials, hardware or related supplies that may be used to build our homes? Would your organization like to join our many partners building homes in Grand Traverse Region by donating your professional skills and labor?  Donations of materials and service are a vital part of our mission; they help us cut costs and build more housing in our community.

Your contribution of building materials, contractor, or other professional services can help HFH, GTR build safe, decent and affordable homes for hardworking, low-income families. Our corporate partnerships play a critical role at Habitat. Without their support, we would never be able to continue our work or mission.

Each year, we need enough materials and services to build Habitat houses. This includes materials such as lumber, insulation, doors and windows, and services such as dry wall finishing, plumbing, and electrical.  In addition to the satisfaction of knowing that your donation of materials or services builds homes for deserving families, your donation may be tax deductible.

Habitat for Humanity, GTR has track record of success. In our 30 years of service to the community, we have built or repaired over 107 houses.  A dollar given to Habitat is more than a donation, it’s an investment in the community that continues to grow. Habitat supports the environment through energy-efficient home construction and the ReStore (a recycling and resale home improvement store).

Help build more homes!

Watching a house being built from the ground up for a family and knowing that your donation is physically in the foundation, the walls, the roof or the paint is so rewarding. Habitat is happy to accept sponsorship donations from manufactures, businesses, developers, or individuals for use in our homes.

What are Gifts In-Kind?

A Gift In-Kind is a tax-deductible gift of materials, services and/or labor that has monetary value to Habitat for Humanity, GTR.

Examples of Gifts In-Kind include:

  • A donation of shingles that Habitat would have otherwise had to purchase
  • A plumber donating materials and his/her time to install the plumbing
  • A donation of a survey of a building lot
  • A donation of land

How are Gifts In-Kind valued and accounted for?

  • Donors submit a breakdown of costs, services and/or materials
  • Donor will receive a thank you letter acknowledging the tax-deductible donation with a tax receipt
  • Habitat accounts for Gifts In-Kind in its bookkeeping by assigning a value for what it would have to pay for the materials or services
  • The donor is responsible for assigning a fair market value to the gift In-Kind for his or her own tax purposes.

Join with us to create a community-wide alliance of companies that are linking their strengths, expertise, and relationships to help us build homes in partnership with families in need throughout Grand Traverse Region.

If you are interested in donating materials and /or services, please call