Everything you don't know about Habitat

The Depot Neighborhood - Traverse City

International or Local?

Habitat for Humanity – Grand Traverse Region is an independent, nonprofit organization; every donation made to our local affiliate stays in our community to serve the people of Grand Traverse, Kalkaska and Leelanau Counties. We are an affiliate of Habitat International and associated with Habitat Michigan.

The national and Michigan offices are resources only.  Habitat-GTR uses these national and state organizations  for information, brand support, to identify sources for donation of building materials, and other opportunities. Our office and ReStore are in Traverse City.

No Free Houses

Habitat does not give away houses.

The Habitat program is a hand-up to a permanent housing solution for people who want to help themselves.

Habitat homeowners have sweat equity requirements and still purchase their new homes with a mortgage of no more than 30% of their gross income, a payment they can sustain.

Habitat assists homeowners with several different programs that prepare them for home ownership and help them afford home purchase.

Shantel and Taylor Weighman working to Frame their Habitat home.

Shantel and Taylor Weighman working to Frame their Fife Lake Habitat home.

The Monteith Family

Great New Neighbors

It isn’t easy to become a Habitat homeowner. Their commitment and hard work make them ideal neighbors and community members.

  • They have jobs with a 1 year or longer history of employment.
  • They have good credit with no defaults or delinquent payments.
  • They have minimal debt.
  • Each adult completes a minimum 200 hours of sweat equity.
  • They take financial management and homeownership classes.

Habitat Homeowners have a real sense of ownership for both their homes and their new neighborhoods.

Nine-year US Navy veteran Kyle Monteith and his wife Holly with their children Shawn and Conner moved into their Maple City Habitat home in July 2019.

Anyone Can Be Eligible

Habitat builds houses with anyone who meets our criteria - regardless of race, religion or any other difference.

Although Habitat for Humanity is an ecumenical Christian organization, without affiliation to any denomination, we believe that God's love extends to everyone. There is no religious, cultural, racial or any other criteria that divide potential Habitat homeowners.

Our volunteers and homeowners come from the entire local community. We welcome and embrace partners and volunteers from any faith, as well as those who have no religious faith.

Kids on the Lawn
Jimmy Carter for Habitat

What About Jimmy Carter

For many years people have mistakenly thought Habitat for Humanity was former US President Jimmy Carter's organization. In fact Habitat International was created in 1976 by Millard and Linda Fuller.

In 1984, former President Carter began working with habitat as a public example of the importance of community support through volunteerism. His notoriety as a former President has brought significant attention to Habitat’s mission. President and Mrs. Carter are tireless advocates, active fundraisers, and some of Habitat’s best hands-on construction volunteers.

In many ways, the Carters are no different than you, and the hundreds and thousands of volunteers who assist with Habitat projects every year. When we volunteer, we are all equal.

“I see life as both a gift and a responsibility. My responsibility is to use what God has given me to help his people in need.” — Millard Fuller