The Award Winning Depot Neighborhood

Habitat for Humanity GTR’s Depot Neighborhood, located in the heart of Traverse City, is an exceptional example in the movement towards Zero Energy Ready Homes that provide better places for Americans to live, stronger communities, and a more economically and environmentally resilient nation. We at Habitat chose to pursue Net Zero Energy Housing because it reduces the lifecycle cost or cost to live for the homeowner. For the new Habitat homeowners in our community, that reduction is achieved in little-to-no utility bills each month which allow families to focus their income on important things like education and supporting local businesses. 

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The following honors and distinctions have been awarded to the Depot Neighborhood:

The US Department of Energy has announced that Habitat for Humanity Grand Traverse Region has been awarded a 2016 Housing Innovation Award in the Affordable Homes categoryGrand Winners in each category were announced at the 2016 Housing Innovation Awards Ceremony, Wednesday, September 27th at the EEBA Excellence in Building Conference in Dallas, Texas.

Habitat for Humanity GTR recently achieved LEED Platinum certification through the U.S. Green Building Council. This platinum level certification is achieved through meeting and often exceeding best-in-class building strategies and practices. As platinum certification is not an easy task, we are extremely proud to receive this distinction.

Habitat for Humanity GTR received the Governor's Energy Excellence Award in 2015 in the Innovator of the Year category. The Governor’s Energy Excellence Awards honor Michigan organizations and individuals for their commitment to responsible energy production and consumption.

Habitat for Humanity GTR received the Zero Energy Hero Award from the GreenHome Institute by helping one of our Depot Neighborhood families achieve true Net Zero Energy status through the course of a year-long cycle. With all the innovative aspects of their home along with their commitment to live an energy responsible lifestyle, their home actually produced more energy than it consumed.

Habitat for Humanity-Grand Traverse Region were thrilled to present at the Habitat for Humanity 2017 Global Conference in Atlanta, GA. Habitat, Grand Traverse Region’s Depot Neighborhood and net zero housing was selected to be the project case study at the 2017 Habitat for Humanity Global Conference in Atlanta, GA  as part the US DOE’s workshop titled, It’s Not Affordable Unless Performance and Efficiency Are Both Built In.

The U.S. Green Building Council of West Michigan (USGBC-WM)
selected The Depot (Habitat for Humanity-Grand Traverse Region) in Traverse City, MI, as the 2018 Green Community Award winner. The Green Community Award recognizes exemplary projects that enrich the communities in which all of us reside.

Having worked hard to implement solar in the Depot Neighborhood, we are honored and delighted to inform you that the Habitat for Humanity Grand Traverse Region’s Net Zero Solar Depot Neighborhood has won the Midwest Project of Distinction Award for 2016 from the Solar Energy Trade Shows LLC. This award is designed to recognize excellence in the industry, and to acknowledge projects that are the driving force behind the success, growth, and future of solar.